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Professional actor Richard Childs agrees to co-direct this year’s School Play

After I started the improv club (Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 3.15-4) it struck me that I would very much enjoy directing a play. I have never done it before, but I will do my best. Still, I am a hopeless dreamer with a little bit of good sense (‘an inch of prevention is worth a pound (??) of cure’) so I enlisted the help of Richard Childs, a Welsh Chiang Mai expat. He (miraculously) agreed and we have begun. We now have the casts (a morning cast and an afternoon cast) and we have begun rehearsals. We are all loving it!

Here are a couple images of the rehearsals.

The play is set to be presented on 18th November 2012 at the Kad Theater.

For more current info, please click LIKE on our facebook page (don’t worry, it only signs you up to receive our posts, it does NOT let me see your personal page):

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